Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 39: Brave Pups

Since our first snow, the puppies have been very cautious of the snow.  When I try to usher them outside, they hang back and ball up together!  I don't think they like the snow because it is cold on their still-small paws!  But, a few puppies gather some courage and test out the snow.  You'll see what happens when they find out snow is ok to play in (think 7 Columbus' of the backyard)!!

Look at this: The puppy pile is almost as big as me!  They don't need me to keep them warm anymore--they act like puzzle pieces and put themselves together!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 36: Happy Howlidays Everyone!

The puppies wanted to greet you with a walk-out today, but they got a little too excited to come wish you Happy Howlidays!

As you're all playing with what Santa brought you, here's a quick clip of how my puppies play!

Little Spartacus has become Daddy's Mini-Me.  He likes to follow Mosley around and drinks water when Mosley drinks water.  Here he's all cuddled up for an afternoon nap, just like his daddy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 30: Introducing...

 ...Crixus! (male, red & white, blue hounds-tooth ribbon).  He likes to be picked and cuddled!

... Cyder! (female, red & white, purple ribbon).  She likes to play tug-of-war with her sister, Caramel.

 ... Taz! (male, black & white, blue diamond ribbon).  He's our eater: first in line and last to leave!

 ... Caramel! (female, red & white, pink ribbon).  She's the other tug-of-war player.

 ... #2 Man! (male, red & white, pawprint ribbon).  He's got a dominant personality and is one of the ringleaders.

... Marley! (male, black & white, yellow diamond ribbon)!  He's our singer (see Day 28's post)!

... Spartacus! (male, grey & white, Camo ribbon).  He's 
 Little Mr. Independent.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 28: Who You Lookin' At?!

Meet one of my black puppies - his name is Marley!  You can tell him apart from the other black puppy because the white line that goes up his head is much skinnier.  We also like to call Marley the "singer" because he likes to exercise his vocal chords the most!

 Mama's Girls!  I only have two girls in the crazy bunch and they're the cutest red-furs I've ever seen!  The humans have named the one on the left Caramel.  They call the one on the right Cyder.  These two are pretty bashful, but sometimes those are the most cuddly ones!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 27: Feeding Time

Finally!  I've weened these puppies!  Now, the humans have to deal with feeding them! Hahaha!

 They started by trying to feed the puppies out of two bowls.  They crush up puppy kibbles and mix it with water and the pups seem to really enjoy it!  The problem with feeding them out of two bowls was that some (especially Little Mr. Independent, who's been renamed Spartacus [partially for his large size]) like to hog to food (see video)!

The next failing solution was to give each puppy their own bowl.

Here's why one bowl per puppy failed!  This video shows the way the puppies seem like to eat!  This may be the magic number of bowls!  The humans will have a lot less dishes to do at least! (If anyone has any advice I can pass on to the humans, that'd be great!)

As is now routine, after the puppies are full, they have to let the whole world know!  There's always a lovely howling concert from one of them after dinner!

Now that they eat dinner inside, these pups think they're Columbus!  The humans so smartly keep the puppies in the kitchen because they would otherwise explore themselves into getting lost!  Three times a day we go through this feeding routine with the Seven Dwarfs, I mean, Explorers.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 25: First Snow!

We had our first Missouri snow a few days ago and the puppies have been begging to play in it.  I haven't let them go because I didn't want them to get sick or too cold.  But they finally convinced me to let one of them test it out.

 This is Crixus, a male puppy, and he romped in the snow for less than a minute with Mosley's human.  Crixus liked the snow but he started shivering!  Mosley's human brought Crixus back inside, where I quickly licked the cold snow off him and warmed him up.

This is what it looks like now when I nurse the puppies!!  Their big, wiggling bodies almost completely cover me!  When can they start eating puppy food?!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 20: Wake-up Call!

I had the puppies asleep and cuddled together for a morning nap, but a human visitor came by.  She woke them up, and as you can see they aren't great morning pups - slow movers and pretty quiet.

After a while, she had them all wound up.  Here they're wrestling (check out the black ones in the back and the red ones in the front).

They've also discovered how to use their "teeth" - right now, they just have gums.  I fear for the day their teeth come in and they start biting.  Right now, one of their favorite activities is to naw on each other's noses as two are doing in this video.

After about 15 minutes, they were tuckered out and ready to head back for more napping.  They got settled, but this black one was slow and missed the line-up.  He squeezed his way into the middle of the puppy pile and started practicing his howling and tail-wagging (a new talent they're all learning)!!

The puppies are starting to get more curious about what's around them.  They're trying to walk further in the puppy hut and aren't stumbling as much!  They are also becoming more interested in their human visitors.  A few pups just like to be picked up and then they make cooing noises.  I'm such a proud mama and they're growing so fast!

They don't know it, but we have a colorful addition for them coming soon!  Check back to see what they're getting!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


THE PUPPIES ARE WALKING!!!!  They walk about two steps and then tip over, but geez, if we didn't have the puppy hut to keep them together, they'd be all over the yard!  My job as a watchful mama's about to get a lot harder!  This video has their first forays into walking.

They get a bit more adventurous when I'm in the hut with them.  But I just can't get over how fun they are to watch!

The puppies have also learned how to do little barks, and I even heard a growl!  No one can go outside to see the puppies now without Mosley wanting to come along (when they were just sleepers, he'd check on them occasionally, but this is every. single. time!)

We caught one of the puppies learning to howl last night too!  Sorry if the video is dark, but we had to catch this red, male puppy on tape (this puppy's been nicknamed Zealous because he's kinda sassy, but sassy is "too girly" of a name for this male pup!)!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 15: Shot shot shot shot shot shot shot, All the Puppies!

 All the puppies got their shots today!  Here's the process with one of the red puppies!

Step 1: Cuddly closely.

 Step 2: As puppy tries to wiggle away, put the shot in its mouth.

 Step 3: Make sure the puppy licks up the whole shot while keeping it from getting away.

Step 4: Hold puppy as it cries about how bad the shot tastes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 14: Eyes are opening!

Of course, Little Mr. Independent always needs to have the spotlight - his eyes opened first today!  If you look closely, you can see his blue eyes looking out at you!  As of 10pm tonight, four of the puppies had their eyes open.  Well, open is exaggerating - they were squinting at the bright light of the world.  The others might have their eyes open, but they're all busy being snuggle bunnies and sleeping all day.  As soon as they have their eyes open more, I'll post photos.  I'm hoping they all have blue eyes because my eyes are blue! (Don't tell anyone, but so are Mosley's... I just want to have some trait passed on to them!)

 The puppies have no personal space when they sleep!  In this picture, you'll notice the black puppy is wearing a red tail-hat!

There was a sweet moment tonight when the puppies had some visitors.  Mosley became all protective - especially with this little girl - and had to make sure the girl in the red coat was treating his puppy right.  He kept a watchful eye over the pups and licked them to make sure they were okay.

The puppy pile gets bigger and chubbier every day!