Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 20: Wake-up Call!

I had the puppies asleep and cuddled together for a morning nap, but a human visitor came by.  She woke them up, and as you can see they aren't great morning pups - slow movers and pretty quiet.

After a while, she had them all wound up.  Here they're wrestling (check out the black ones in the back and the red ones in the front).

They've also discovered how to use their "teeth" - right now, they just have gums.  I fear for the day their teeth come in and they start biting.  Right now, one of their favorite activities is to naw on each other's noses as two are doing in this video.

After about 15 minutes, they were tuckered out and ready to head back for more napping.  They got settled, but this black one was slow and missed the line-up.  He squeezed his way into the middle of the puppy pile and started practicing his howling and tail-wagging (a new talent they're all learning)!!

The puppies are starting to get more curious about what's around them.  They're trying to walk further in the puppy hut and aren't stumbling as much!  They are also becoming more interested in their human visitors.  A few pups just like to be picked up and then they make cooing noises.  I'm such a proud mama and they're growing so fast!

They don't know it, but we have a colorful addition for them coming soon!  Check back to see what they're getting!

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  1. love the last pic, such a proud mama huskerboo!