Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 14: Eyes are opening!

Of course, Little Mr. Independent always needs to have the spotlight - his eyes opened first today!  If you look closely, you can see his blue eyes looking out at you!  As of 10pm tonight, four of the puppies had their eyes open.  Well, open is exaggerating - they were squinting at the bright light of the world.  The others might have their eyes open, but they're all busy being snuggle bunnies and sleeping all day.  As soon as they have their eyes open more, I'll post photos.  I'm hoping they all have blue eyes because my eyes are blue! (Don't tell anyone, but so are Mosley's... I just want to have some trait passed on to them!)

 The puppies have no personal space when they sleep!  In this picture, you'll notice the black puppy is wearing a red tail-hat!

There was a sweet moment tonight when the puppies had some visitors.  Mosley became all protective - especially with this little girl - and had to make sure the girl in the red coat was treating his puppy right.  He kept a watchful eye over the pups and licked them to make sure they were okay.

The puppy pile gets bigger and chubbier every day!

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