Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 91: (Kinda) Empty Nester

I'm an empty nester - well, kind of.  Mosley's dad decided to keep Crixus so I've still got one at home.  The other puppies went to their homes last weekend, and it's taken me some time to come to terms with that before I could write it on the blog.

At least I still have Crixus to play with.  We play tug quite often.  I'm seeing more of his personality now that he's by himself and he's a big talker.  He howls, barks and grunts every chance he gets.  And he's weighing in at 27 pounds!  He like to jump up and put his paws on my back and look over me, but he's gonna break my back soon doing that!

And when we're done playing, a nap in the afternoon is the best thing.

I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts about raising puppies with you, but all good things must come to an end.  I have no more puppies to write about (unless you want this to become the Crixus blog) and I'm hearing my owner mumble about me not having puppies again.  I hope you've enjoyed watching my puppies grow as much as I have.  If I ever get updates and photos about my puppies, I'll try to post them here.  Other than that, I must say goodbye.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 78: Tuckered Out

My pups have loved the 19.5 inches of snow we received over the last few days-they're definitely natural snow dogs!  We managed to pack all the snow down while we played.  And when the pups were done playing, they fell asleep right where they were playing!  Mosley was playing too and let Crixus nap on him!

 Look how cute they are all snuggled together!  Their puppy piles are only getting bigger!

"Ugh Mom-- why are you waking me with a camera flash?  I was enjoying the sunshine!  What's with this girl trying to pet us?  Can't a puppy get some peace and quiet?!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 75: Massive Snow Day!

We got record amounts of snow yesterday and the puppies loved playing in it!  Here's a preview picture of the photos to come!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 68: Tug of War!

Oh the simple joys of life! One of the pups found a stick in the yard underneath all the snow and it entertained everyone all afternoon!  Mosley was a good dad and played with the pups for a long time.  They know only two games to play with the stick: Tug of War or Chew On It!  The pictures that follow are of those games!


 After an afternoon full of playing, Mosley found a place to still watch the pups but get a break.  And he managed to find a sunny nap spot-lucky!  Clearly, the pups still want to play!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 64: From A Puppy's Eye View

This morning, three of the puppies (Crixus, Caramel, and Two Man) stormed the house!  The humans let them play inside for a few minutes (with no accidents!).  This video is from the puppy's perspective of playing under the couch, attacking the cameralady and camera, and playing with Dad.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 63: Goodbye Taz!

A family from O'Fallon, MO came to pick up my pup, Taz, today!  He seemed to know that he was leaving and was crying goodbye to his littermates.  We know he's having a fun time exploring his new digs with his new family!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 61: Family Fun Night

This puppy, Caramel, has not really learned her pleases and thank yous yet... She's demanding the humans let her play in snow tonight (forecast says we're getting 7-9")!!  

The humans agreed with Caramel and swayed Mosley & I to let the puppies stay up past their bedtime.  Some highlights from this montage include playing in the plastic Igloo that looks like a real Igloo with all the snow, puppies hopping through the snow because there's so much of it, and thirsty puppies when they're done playing!

The pups were so tired when they got done playing that they didn't even get up to greet the humans later tonight!