Sunday, December 5, 2010


THE PUPPIES ARE WALKING!!!!  They walk about two steps and then tip over, but geez, if we didn't have the puppy hut to keep them together, they'd be all over the yard!  My job as a watchful mama's about to get a lot harder!  This video has their first forays into walking.

They get a bit more adventurous when I'm in the hut with them.  But I just can't get over how fun they are to watch!

The puppies have also learned how to do little barks, and I even heard a growl!  No one can go outside to see the puppies now without Mosley wanting to come along (when they were just sleepers, he'd check on them occasionally, but this is every. single. time!)

We caught one of the puppies learning to howl last night too!  Sorry if the video is dark, but we had to catch this red, male puppy on tape (this puppy's been nicknamed Zealous because he's kinda sassy, but sassy is "too girly" of a name for this male pup!)!!

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