Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 27: Feeding Time

Finally!  I've weened these puppies!  Now, the humans have to deal with feeding them! Hahaha!

 They started by trying to feed the puppies out of two bowls.  They crush up puppy kibbles and mix it with water and the pups seem to really enjoy it!  The problem with feeding them out of two bowls was that some (especially Little Mr. Independent, who's been renamed Spartacus [partially for his large size]) like to hog to food (see video)!

The next failing solution was to give each puppy their own bowl.

Here's why one bowl per puppy failed!  This video shows the way the puppies seem like to eat!  This may be the magic number of bowls!  The humans will have a lot less dishes to do at least! (If anyone has any advice I can pass on to the humans, that'd be great!)

As is now routine, after the puppies are full, they have to let the whole world know!  There's always a lovely howling concert from one of them after dinner!

Now that they eat dinner inside, these pups think they're Columbus!  The humans so smartly keep the puppies in the kitchen because they would otherwise explore themselves into getting lost!  Three times a day we go through this feeding routine with the Seven Dwarfs, I mean, Explorers.

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