Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Expecting...

This is my husband, Mosley, and me (my name is Skye).  We often like to snuggle like this, under our owners' feet in the kitchen.  We're very excited because we're expecting puppies soon!  (I chose to use this picture first because I still look flatteringly skinny!)  I'm the white Siberian Husky (purebred and certified by APRI) and Mosley is the red and white Siberian Husky (purebred and certified by APRI).

Here's what I look like now.... Super pregnant.  Man, I'm just ready to have these puppies.  Last night, I paced up and down the room and whined so I think they're coming soon.  My owner and Mosley's owner have built me a "puppy hut" that's partially enclosed yet also has an open area.  I hope it will help keep me warm in this Missouri winter while I birth, nurse, and raise my puppies!

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