Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 1: They've arrived!

Dear World,

I'd like to introduce you to my new seven puppies! I went into labor last night at about 10:00pm and finished around 3:30am.  I was really tired after that and so was my owner (although he didn't do much, so I don't know why he's complaining!).  I think I did a pretty good job as a first time mom taking care of them as they came.

Turns out I have four red and white puppies (just like their daddy!), two black and white ones, and one gray one.  I wonder what happened to having any white ones, like me?  Hmmmm.... 

My puppies eyes are still closed.  And look at their cute pink noses!  And they're barely bigger than my paw!

My owner's girlfriend picked up this puppy to take a picture of how small it was, and I did not like that one bit! I knew as soon as the pup was gone and frantically started looking for it.  I was relieved to see she had my baby, but I still wanted it back! (All my puppies are still 'its' because I haven't had the time or energy to figure out which are girls and boys! - Mom fail on my end!) But she's got a good point, the paw isn't even as big as her first digit on her finger!!!

This is what I call my "Protective Mother" look.  I took no birthing classes, like those crazy humans do.  I just knew how to do it and now I'm following my instincts to keep my puppies warm!

Listen to my puppies jostle for positions to get some of my milk!

Anyways, enough with the blogging.  I'm tired so I'm gonna go nap and keep my puppies warm and fed!

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