Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 3: NOSES!

PICTURE OF THE DAY:  Look at my sweet little one who just wants to be the little spoon!  One day, it'll be a big dog and go off on it's own, sniff... Oh, let's get back to my observations of the day and let the tears come later.

All my puppies have short, stubby noses that don't have any hair on them!  As they get older, their noses will grow into good, strong, furry noses, just like Mosley on the right (what a handsome man!).  And the markings on their faces will get bigger and might even change colors!

I get up for one minute to take a quick walk and bathroom break and what do you know? My puppies cry for me until I return!  Watch them stay in the same place as I left them (I bet that won't last for long once their eyes open) and make cute noises.

My puppies are getting so chubby and I think it's absolutely adorable!

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