Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 5: Dad the Babysitter

Today I went to visit my vet to have a mommy wellness check-up and I got a clean bill of health!  While I was gone, Dad was the babysitter!  Mosley's human (aka owner) decided to bring the puppies into his room from the puppy hut.

I had all the puppies fed and snuggled into the laundry basket, asleep.  They weren't making any noises and Dad was all prepared to watch them, as evidenced by the video.

Mosley's human even provided me with photographic evidence that he was a good dad and checked to make sure the puppies were still breathing and asleep.

There was even evidence that they're super cute when they sleep! (This puppy has a spot on its belly!!)  BUT...

...when I came home, this is what I found!!  Mosley decided he would give the puppies a treat for being so good for him, and you know what? - the treats had sugar in them!  My babies were  mosh pitting and wrestling when I got home!

Let's just say Mosley's in the doghouse for now!

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