Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 61: Family Fun Night

This puppy, Caramel, has not really learned her pleases and thank yous yet... She's demanding the humans let her play in snow tonight (forecast says we're getting 7-9")!!  

The humans agreed with Caramel and swayed Mosley & I to let the puppies stay up past their bedtime.  Some highlights from this montage include playing in the plastic Igloo that looks like a real Igloo with all the snow, puppies hopping through the snow because there's so much of it, and thirsty puppies when they're done playing!

The pups were so tired when they got done playing that they didn't even get up to greet the humans later tonight!


  1. played the one of carmel for Boreas he talked back .. so cute!!

  2. Oh that's so cute!! Give him a lick for me!